Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Meet Anna

Meet Anna.  She’s the reason I have been missing from the blog. 

Ok maybe that’s not exactly true; I mean Anna is only a month old so I guess I can’t exactly blame her for being gone for a whole year.  Truth is I needed a break – the last couple of years have been busy and stressful and creating and blogging was just one more thing I felt like I HAD to do.  Creating should be fun and if it’s not fun its time to take a break.   

I have thought about writing the “where have I been” blog post a million times over the past year and most of the time haven’t gotten past the first sentence. If you know me or have been following my blog you know I do this a lot:  I get really into something for a period of time then I just stop, and then eventually I decide I want to come back and write a “sorry I was gone but really I promise I’m back now” post.   This is why my blog is so perfectly named “Bursts of Creativity” because my creativity comes in bursts.  But its not just “creativity” that comes in bursts: I do this with all things:  bursts of Etsy, bursts of blogging, bursts of exercise, bursts of decorating, and so on.  Some bursts are longer (I threw myself into my etsy shop for a good two years before I started to get burned out) and some are short (yeah the exercise burst never seems to last more than a couple months). This is definitely a cycle for me -and it's genetic (thanks Dad!).

So I’m starting over.  This blog began as a place to share my latest crafts and little bits of my life with family and friends.  Then I got it in my head that I was going to be the “next big thing” in craft blogging (please read that with a little bit of humor and sarcasm) and the blog became about making things so that I could create tutorials so that I could get more followers.  I want to go back to simple – just sharing what is going on in my life.   So now the blog will be a place to share all of my bursts – whatever I am into at the time.  I do hope to get back into paper crafting.  Anna is going to need a baby book and I have a stack of Studio Calico Project Life month kits waiting to be used!  I also just hope to share stories of our life with Anna– those stories may only be interesting to her grandparents but I am hoping that I can get back to a place where this blog is fun for me – and if that means only 10 people are out there reading well then I am grateful that 10 people are interested enough to read this! 



Karen said...

You know I will always be here to read what ever "burst" you are in. Love you!

Susi said...

She's Adorable. Happy to see you back.

Lyssa Beth said...

I know exactly how you feel! I went through the same thing. I think you kind of realize in order to build up your blog to this huge empire, that you have to put all your time/energy into it. As a mom of now 4, "nobody got time for that!" I stepped back, realized how I really wanted my blog to be like and set it there. I'm kind of glad I didn't get big ;) No stress or pressure to remain big, you know? Glad to see you again!

golfergal said...

Congratulations Melissa! Happy to "meet" the reason for your absence. She is a beautiful little girl just like her mommy.

Sharon said...

Ah- I love your bursts! I follow you because you are real- so just blog your heart, that's the best :) And what a sweet little love you have, looking forward to watching her grow up!

Anonymous said...

so happy to see you back. I will love your blog in any format. I still have you on my favorites.

Shelly said...

Congrats on the new addition to the family. I am right there with you on burst. I have been gone from my blog for 6 months. Welcome back!

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