Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What I am working on this week...

Creativity Challenge: This week I am going to try my hardest to use my paper scraps. The box I use to keep them in has gotten a little bit out of control so I wan to see if I can use some of them and see the pile go down. Here is a picture of that box as it is now. Hopefully by Sunday I can post a picture of a smaller pile:Projects I'm working on: I talked with the owner of the scrapbook store I work at and she said I can teach a class on my minibook, however I have to come up with 2 other classes to teach. I of course thought this would be easy to do. But it's really really not. S0 I'm trying to come up with a couple class ideas. I also have been wanting to start an etsy shop so I might be doing that soon too. We shall see....

Budget Update: Umm yeah... so if you were taking bets on whether or not I would stick to my budget you probably would have won some money... because.... I didn't stick to it. Last week I spent $26 which wasn't so bad but as of today, Tuesday, I have spent $35 this week. With 5 days to go.
Road Trip Update: Mom, Danielle and I decided to not go to Charleston and Savannah but instead roadtrip through the Virginia and North Carolina mountains... stay tuned because I'm sure we will change our mind soon.

A cuteness update: Lucy loves a clean craft table:

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