Monday, July 20, 2009

What I am working on this week

Creativity Challenge: These never go very well for me. But its good to try. I did use some of my paper scraps that I wanted to use a couple of weeks ago but then I just ended up adding more scraps to the pile too. For the next couple of weeks I am going to be working on this:
Yep… that’s the manual to my camera… I figure I’ve had the camera for 3 years it’s about time I learn how to use it! I will post my progress (if I make any!).

Projects I'm working on: I still want to start an etsy shop but that idea hasn’t gone any further. I also have came up with a couple class ideas and have to have proposals in by the end of the week to the store owner so I am still working on those. And my most urgent project is travel journals for our road trip. Yeah that’s right Mom and Danielle, I’m creating travel journal/mini books. And you are going to like them, and use them! Deal with it! Here are some of the supplies I plan on using. I’m going for a distressed/vintage travel theme…

Budget Update: Well I was definitely over budget BUT wasn’t doing too badly….that is until we went to Raleigh and I went to Archivers for the very first time (and second time... yeah I went twice!). I wouldn’t have done too badly except I found a lot of 7 gypsies stuff I needed to make travel journals. Oh well… there’s always next month….

Road Trip Update: Mom, Danielle and I have decided to stick with the VA/NC mountains idea and have even booked hotels!!! Go us!!

A cuteness update: Not to be outdone by all the cute kittens here are pictures of Cinnamon looking just as cute... but much much bigger...ok lets be honest... it looks like he ate the kittens...

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