Sunday, July 18, 2010

Puzzle Swap

Finally a new blog post! I have been wanting to blog but just have not had the time so I'm glad to finally be sitting down and making myself come up with a blog. And i think I have a good one filled with lots of pictures!!

I have been working on a puzzle swap lately. It's a lot like an ATC swap but instead of trading cards we trade puzzle pieces. It's a little complicated because we each get a blank puzzle with 12 pieces and a list of everyone's theme. Each person has a different theme so we are making 12 different pieces and then when we swap them everyone will have a complete puzzle with all the same theme but pieces from 12 different people. Thoroughly confused??

Usually when I do an ATC swap all my cards are exactly the same. So i wanted to have some sort of common element to all my puzzle pieces. I decided to do embellished doilies inspired by Christine Middlecamp. If you have never heard of her take a moment to check out her blog (see her may and july archives for her embellished doily tutorials). She is seriously fantastic and if I could magically wake up with someone else's scrapbook style I would want hers. So i decided to do these embellished doilies in an effort to teach myself her layered style.

Now on to the puzzle pieces! I have 6 of the 12 done. The first one's theme is "Pink and Green":

"Sand & Surf ":"Summer Fun":"Children":"Finding Joy":"Tween girls just want to have fun"
I'll post the rest when I get those done!!

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