Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Travel Journal in Progress...

I'm getting ready for our trip to South Dakota coming up soon. I wanted to create a travel journal to put photos, stories and souvenirs from the trip. I find it easier to scrap the trip as it's happening rather than wait til the end and I have 500+ photos and I can't remember anything that happened! So here is the book in progress:

The cover is done. I used 7 Gypsies book covers, layered a piece of canvas over the top that I did a image transfer on, then layered a piece of South Dakota Map over that (which I crackle painted) then layered the metal book plate on top. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out:

For the inside I covered the inside covers with South Dakota map pieces (I ordered a free map online on the state's website). I cut the map up and glimmer misted it to make it look aged (and sparkly!) I would have probably used distress ink instead but I couldn't find the color I wanted so I just glimmer misted it instead. Then I chose to use the On Holiday collection from Girl's Paperie and cut some of that paper down. I painted each sheet with a combination of crushed shells and sunflower glimmer mists that I mixed with water to make it go further. I then painted the glimmer mist on instead of misting it.
I started stamping images in the book, but pretty much that's as far as I've made it so far. Still have a long ways to go and only a week left to do it in so check back to see more images!

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