About Me


Welcome to my blog! I created this blog to give me a place to share my scrapbooking and crafty adventures.  I love all paper - new and vintage and that tends to come out in my projects.  I have an etsy shop that you can visit here.   And if you are wondering more about who I am I have come up with a list of mostly useless facts about me.  Enjoy!

I look like I’m 14 even though I’m actually 28.  Most people say I will appreciate this when I’m older.  I am about 99% sure that as soon as I turn 30 this age thing will reverse and I will instantly look 80.

I once climbed to the face of Crazy Horse (the world’s largest mountain carving) in South Dakota. It was one of the worst ideas I’ve ever had… just ask Danielle… she climbed it with me and I’m pretty sure she’ll never forgive me.

I have the most fantastic husband.  He’s a super smart Electrical Engineer and resembles the characters in the show, the Big Bang Theory (especially Sheldon).  He’s very proud of this.

I once spent the night outside in a cardboard box in November… it was cold and hard to sleep and I wouldn’t recommend it if you have any other options.

The first concert I ever went to was a James Taylor concert. I think I was in 5th grade and was mortified that: 1. I was at a James Taylor concert and 2. That I was at a concert with my parents. I now think it is kinda cool.

After 9/11 George Bush asked Americans to commit 4000 hours (2 years) of their life to serving their community.  I have served over 6500 hours.  Take that George Bush!

I once moved to South Dakota on a whim without every having been further west than the North Carolina mountains.  Talk about a shock!

I am sarcastic.  As a result very few people “get” me.

In my life I have broken 14 bones. Oh yeah and I did that all at once. I would not recommend the geo metro if you are in the market for a new car.

I believe my grandmother is the funniest person I have ever met. Seriously.

I started scrapbooking about 15 years or so again when I was in middle school.  Complete with fancy scissors and sticker sneeze!

I love Yo Gabba Gabba.  I don’t have kids.  Yeah it’s a little weird.  There’s a party in my tummy… (so yummy so yummy)

My 2nd grade teacher once wrote in my report card that I was generally “worried about life” Some things never change

I graduated college in 3 years with 2 majors (Business Administration and Psychology).  I am currently blogging and making things for a living (well I guess it’s not really for a living if you aren’t technically making any money at it…) My parents are super proud.

I got a varsity letter in high school for soccer. I never played soccer until high school… actually come to think of it I didn’t play much soccer in high school either…

I attended Governor’s school (it’s like summer school for smart kids) I hardly ever did my assignments. It was a huge waste of tax payer money but one of the best experiences of my life.

Once in middle school we had a “dress like a saint” dance (what do you expect from a catholic school?) I was Saint Kateri Tekakwitha… and no I don’t know how to pronounce that

I spent more than half my life believing the Arby’s sign was a giant fish and not a cowboy hat… In my defense I never ate there

I am terrified of escalators – I have to stand at the bottom and watch the steps go by a few times before I can step on it – so I can figure out the speed and how fast I will have to move my feet so that I don’t get stuck, step on the crack, or end up doing awkward splits – not that any of that has ever happened to me – but it could!

I loved my TIVO and I hate my new Comcast DVR – it doesn’t even make cool noises!

I have visited 27 states. Mississippi has the best rest stops. They give out tiny cups of coke for free!

When I was 19 I decided I wanted everyone to call me Mel. It didn’t really catch on.

I am obsessed with all things paper  but you probably already knew that….


POSH said...

...just got done reading your "About Me" section...you ARE hilarious...and the wierdest part is...I "get" you. So what does that say about me? LOL
Ok, so the escalator part hit home, I cant say I'm terrified of escalators...I'm just NOT coordinated enough to step onto it(like most ppl)..I have to let it go a lil bit, let a couple of stairs go by so I can gauge speed/distance/accuracy of when to step on...LOL, I'm just clumsy and I kno one of these days I'm gonna end up bouncing all the way to the bottom...hmmmm, maybe its secret OCD stuff?
Enjoyed your blog...stop by and see mine at Posh-creations.blogspot.com

Sandi Smith said...

So glad I found your blog...you made me chuckle! I too feel the same way about escalators...maybe that is the norm but we are just a few of the brave souls to admit it!

spidermom said...

love your blog!!!
don't, don't, don't bite your friends! :)

DelicateDesign said...

Wow I love your blog! It's so well laid out! Well done!

Monika said...

Mel, this is fabulous - it inspires you to read more - i will hang around a bit and read some more.
Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Loved reading about you! It was very compelling. What a great sense of humor! I was inspired to write more about myself on my blog, as well. You are too fun! ♥

I am . . . said...

Hi, I found your blog via Pinterest. Looks lilke you have a lot of cool projects. Just wanted to say hello :)

An Experiment in Happiness said...

Thank you for that... I love the clear picture you painted about who you are and I love the unabashed sense of self you maintain. It is refreshing and brilliantly unique. I just saw your store and I am impressed! Good work! I totally admire you for doing something you love and being bold enough to put it out there. Take care!

acreativechristian said...

Doing a happy dance (well not literally but inside freal) Love your sarcastic sense of humor! Reminds me of me...but you're better @ it.

Tracy said...

I "Liked you" on fb a while ago...probably by way of Creative Gossip or one other crafty blog. Anyway, I love what you do. I was just a bit bored at work, so I wanted learn more about you. I learned one thing: You are VERY funny! Thanks for sharing your wit, gift of craft and unique perspective. Especially with the mid (late mid) life crisis person who just wants to make crap for a living instead of being an administrative director. Gotta work on that!

Shivi said...

Hey there... I've been following your blog for a bit, especially since I love your travel albums.. Your ABOUT ME page is hilarious..

I do scrapbooking from time to time but never had so much creativity as you do. But I'm trying hard to get it flowing..

Now that I finally got my teaching job, I've had no time to get back into it.. Tried asking time off for summer but Nope not allowed :(

I wanna scream "Hey let me start scrapbooking again" ;)