Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top 10 of 2011

Here are my 10 favorite posts of 2011. Hope you enjoy taking a look back and I will see you back here in the new year!  Happy New Year!
This was my favorite project of the year - and I think it has been the one project of mine most pinned on Pinterest (at least its the one I seem to see the most!).  I loved that it was made from cardboard boxes (something I have an abundance of here!)
Remember my thrifty Thursday posts?  Yeah yeah  I know you are thinking ... YEAH I do - where did they go???  Well it became difficult to keep up with but this was one of my first thirfty posts of the year - a mini album made from a dollar store children's board book.  Want to see more Thrifty posts? Click here to see all my Thrifty Thursday posts for the year.
I decided to get into the holiday spirit this year by posting twenty five days worth of Christmas tags.  I always seem to like to create huge projects for myself right at the busiest time of the year!!
I created a 3 part series this year focusing on starting your first scrapbook.  Check out all three parts: Part 1 - Supplies, Part 2 -Organize Your Photos, Part 3 - Creating Pages.
I had a lot of questions about where I found my vintage supplies and how I created my ephemera kits for my Etsy shop - this post explored a little bit of where I find my the items in my stash.
This tutorial was created for a guest artist project on Scrapbook News and Review.
I was really into making albums out of file folders this year!  This was one of the first ones I made (with tutorial).
I really love how a little bit of paper, ink, and ribbon can transform an ordinary every day item into a special personalized gift - this year I did that with a few items but my favorite was this tea tin makeover!
I did a lot of organizing this year (and still my room isn't finished!) but my favorite idea was taking embellishments of the same color scheme and storing them in vintage muffin tins.
Ok this would have been further up the list if I hadn't just made it!  I loved this little book - expect to see more cardboard books in the future!

Also check out my Top 10 of 2010 here for more great posts!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Daily Junque Journal

One of my favorite projects from this year was my London Calling mini book (check it out here) made from cardboard boxes.  I have been wanting to make something similar and last week I sat down with some cardboard and a pile of Pink Paislee Daily Junque papers and embellishments.  I tried to keep a little bit more of the cardboard look with this book by cutting down my paper a little smaller and peeling back the top layer of cardboard.  I really just made this for the fun of it - I love the vintage photos in the book but they aren't of anyone I know -I like this type of project because it allows you to use products you love and focus on new techniques and pushing yourself rather than creating something that has to have a certain purpose.  I love how it turned out and can't wait to make another one!

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Tag #19

 You might have noticed my box was looking a little bit fuller!  I spent Saturday in the studio finishing up my tags (I had 7 to go!)  Once they were all done I put them in the box and realized there was A LOT of room left!  (I actually knew all along that was going to happen - the box was kinda big).  I decided to fill in the extra space with vintage Christmas postcards (from my Etsy shop) - that way it was a big box of pretty things to look at! Hope you have been enjoying the tags!


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Tag #18

You might be noticing the much fuller box in the background.  Well.. that's because I finished all my tags!!  Check back tomorrow to see a little bit more of the box!