Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thrifty Thursdays - Badge Holder Mini

Today's thrifty thursday project is a mini album made out of a package of 10 badge holders.  I got these at the dollar tree but they are also available at Walmart and any of the office supply stores.
For this mini I cut paper down to 3.5x2.5" (which also happens to be ATC size for all you ATC makers!).  I only used one sheet of paper per sleeve because the sleeves were a little tight.  I also alternated between putting the photos directly on the paper and in the sleeve and gluing the photos on top of the sleeve.  This allowed me to make my pages more dimensional without having to worry about whether or not they would fit.  Note: the dollar tree holders had a slight blue tint to them - you may be able to find them in clear somewhere else.  But hey they were only a dollar!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Simple Notebook Update

I found this pack of three Moleskine kraft journals at the local Barnes and Noble and got the idea to "decorate" them with a vintage photos matted on black cardstock.  I love this photo of these girls standing in a lake with fishing poles - I thought it was kind of cool and different.  Its a simple project but I like how it dressed up the plain notebook!

 The photo came from my Etsy shop.  You can get your own vintage photos here.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

What's New in the Shop

It's looking like Friday's are "What's New in the Shop Friday's".  So here it is - lots of new goodies available in my Etsy Shop:
New Collage Packs!  I'm loving these! A mix of old and new papers these are great used in art journaling, scrapbooking, or card making.  Or you could make your own journal out of these papers just add some book covers! These come in a large pack and a mini pack!
Vintage Books! I added a few vintage books - great for adding to your collection or cutting up and using in your altered art projects!
More postcards!  These are selling like hotcakes (which I think is a totally weird saying).  I have had to relist these several times! More Paris, New York City, Washington DC - and if you are looking for something in particular - especially if it's in Europe let me know because I may just have some others laying around that I haven't listed yet!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thrifty Thursdays - Bingo Mini

It's Thrifty Thursday and I'm back with another mini book (I think I'm going through a phase).  This one is made out of a Bingo game I found at the Dollar Tree.

I didn't take photos for a tutorial but here is a quick run down on how I made it: The Bingo cards were already attached (they were perforated so you could tear them apart before you played with them). And they came in twos - one strip of green and one in red (so you could make two books out of this!)  I chose the green ones and kept them attached.  I then cut strips of patterned paper and glued them to the back side of the bingo cards (this will help keep them together).  Once the glue was dry I folded the bingo cards accordion style.  I added mats and decorated the front and there you have it!
  I still have to add photos - I think I might add some from my mom, sister and nephew's visit!


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Monday, March 21, 2011

Etsy Treasuries

One of my favorite things about Etsy is creating treasuries.  For anyone who isn't on Etsy - treasuries are member created galleries of items for sale on Etsy (typically you don't include you're own items).  Even if you don't use Etsy you can still search Treasuries here.   It's a great way to organize and get ideas on colors, patterns and textures to use as inspiration for future projects.  Here are a few of my favorite treasuries I've created (click on the picture to take you to the full treasury with more photos):
You can see all of  the treasuries I've created here.   Happy Monday everyone!


Friday, March 18, 2011

What's New in the Shop and My Weekend Plans

Man this week flew by!  I totally missed Thrifty Thursday (yes I know - that just means I'll have to make a really FABULOUS project next week - no pressure haha!).  I have a super busy weekend ahead of me.  I have to clean the entire house today (and half the day is already gone so you can imagine how well that is going!) Then we are spending the weekend with my husband's brother who just came back from deployment (and his fiance). Then my mom and sister are coming to visit on Monday.  Which is great because that means the world's cutest nephew is also coming!  (it also means I get to watch Yo Gabba Gabba - I mean uh what? - Read my about me section if you didn't get that joke!) And on top of all that I have TONS of new stuff for the Etsy shop.  I am trying to get as much of it listed as possible before the weekend:
I have lots of new vintage postcards - Paris, Canada, New York City, Chicago, New Orleans (my favorite!), Washington DC.  And I have like 10 times that that aren't even listed yet! (coming soon - London, England, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany) I also have old photographs (see picture) and lots of ephemera I am trying to make into new packs!

I've been making a lot of custom orders lately so if you have anything you are looking for that you don't see ask me and I may be able to come up with something just for you!

So that's my weekend!  Do you have any fun (and hopefully slightly more hectic) plans for the weekend?


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Next BIG Project

So I have been seeing those 7 Gypsies drawers everywhere and I really want to do one.  But I had this thought - "Hey I have one of those beat up antique sewing drawers I should use that instead!" So that is what I am going to do - I'm not sure what I am going to fill it with and I figure it will probably take me a long time to finish (definitely not a one afternoon project!) but that is what my next project is going to be!  So far I have one tag done - the stuff in the background is just random pieces I threw in there to see if it would fit.  I am thinking this is going to turn into an art journal in a drawer:


Monday, March 14, 2011

Vintage Ledger Tag

I feel like I haven't made a tag in FOREVER, so i made this tag real fast this morning out of vintage ledger paper scraps I had laying around.  I'm really loving it and the way the flower turned out!

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