Monday, June 25, 2012

Travel Journal Pinterest Inspiration

My goal this week is to get my travel journal created and ready to go for our trip to Maine (which is a good goal since we are leaving on Friday!  eek!) I am hoping to share little bits of that process throughout the week.  Starting it off I want to show a little bit of what has been inspiring me lately.  I love Pinterest and the ability to quickly find great ideas from all over.  Here are a few I really (click on the photos to go to original source):

I LOVE this whole book Kara made with vintage postcards (and not just because she got them from my Etsy Shop!). I am thinking of using her idea of stapling the cards together to make a few pages in my book.  From A Beautiful Mess
Making little pockets and keeping bits of the beach - or other travels sewn in.  From Martha Stewart. 
Use maps as pages - love the sewing too!  From Just Perspective

For more ideas check out my Travel Journals Pinterest Board or check out my past journals here on the blog!

And if you are needing vintage supplies for your own journal be sure to check out my Etsy Shop.  I will be closing the shop on Thursday for almost 2 weeks - so be sure to get your supplies now!!!



Cami said...

Oh my, it's gorgeous! I can't resist a pretty journal, and the idea of making one... so good!

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jaida said...

Travel journal Pinterest inspiration - a treasure trove of ideas to creatively document your journeys and cherish the memories forever.

Michael Meza said...

Thaanks for sharing