Thursday, September 30, 2010

Creativity Project Day 30

Well here it is - Day 30! I did another art journal page today. I used yellow paint for the background. Then I used white paint and a stamp that looks like bubble wrap ( i didn't have any actual bubble wrap). I glimmer misted the bingo card and used the stamp again. The tag was glimmer misted with a couple of colors and I added some mesh and flower that I was messing around and made a couple months ago and meant to throw away but I liked it so I added it to the page.
I really really love the saying on this stamp and I use it all the time. I hope you have enjoyed my 30 days of creativity project. Look for a post tomorrow with a recap and a photo of the front of the book as well as what I plan on doing next!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Creativity Project Day 29

I LOVE fall and I love October. So many great things to look forward to - Our Anniversary, changing leaves, our trip to the mountains, Halloween and hopefully getting to see my super cute nephew in his halloween costume. So in looking forward to October I decided to let that be my inspiration for another art journal page. I bought a few new colors of glimmer glaze today so I put them to good use: again watered down the glaze and painted the background then used it straight out of the bottle to drip. I used the glaze and glimmer mist to do the tags. On the bottom I wrote "looking forward to October"

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Creativity Project Day 28

Another art journal page - glimmer mist, glimmer glaze, paint, and unity stamps.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Creativity Project Day 27

Today I just did a quick tag with some glimmer mists and glimmer glaze:The 30 days of creating something is almost done and I think the next two days will probably be art journal pages as well especially since I am really liking how the journal is looking as a whole:

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Creativity Project Day 26

I love going to thrift stores and buying things I can use in craft/art/scrapbook projects later on. My new obsession is dictionaries. I used sheets from a dictionary i found in today's art journal page.
I had these black and white postcards from a pack I bought when I went to Biltmore last year. I used some of them in a travel journal and the rest I have had just lying around. I wanted to age it with distress ink, the wouldn't take to the postcard so I had to sand it down a bit first.
I used glimmer mist to change the color of some white lace I had and I used foil tape (bought from home depot in the duct work section), cut a heart and alcohol inked it.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Creativity Project Day 25

So yesterday I didn't technically make anything... I worked on my display for class kickoff so I'm going to count that as doing something creative.

Today I did another art journal page:I used book text as my background, a piece of the new steampunk debutante from Graphic 45, magic mesh and the tim holtz book plates. I used the glimmer glaze (now in stores at Memories Galore)I started with my book text as my base for the page. I took the blue glimmer glaze and shook it (you can shake it glimmer glaze since the air bubbles don't affect usage - glimmer mist you gently swirl) I dumped a little bit on my nonstick craft mat and watered it down. I used a flat wash brush (not the brush in the bottle) to do a wash background. It gave a nice light blue glimmer background. I then took the gold color and using the brush it came with (and not watering it down - because it is pretty watery) I brushed it on the top of the page and let it drip down the page. The glaze is a little weird because it has almost a nail polish finish to it. I watered down the gold color a bit and used it to paint the steampunk image. I actually like the effect of watering it down better than using it straight out of the bottle.

Did you know you can paint the Tim Holtz metal plates? If you don't like the look of the metal (and there is always that weird gold one I don't know what to do with) you can sand it down a bit and paint it with white acrylic paint. I usually let it dry and sand a little of it off to give it a shabby chic look. In this case i painted it with white and then painted over that with the gold glimmer glaze.

Hope you enjoy today's post. And if you are visiting the blog for the first time (Hi everyone I met at kickoff!) feel free to "like" my facebook fanpage (see the link on the right)

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October: Glimpses of Nature – Collage, distress ink, stamping

November: Paris in November – Stamping, distress ink, canvas, Glimmer Mist

December: Christmas Delights – Canvas image transfer technique, working with stickers, Stickles

January: Winter Wishes – Distress ink, crackle paint, pens, stamping

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Brandermill: Tuesday, Oct. 12th from 6:30-8:30pm

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Creativity Project Day 23

Today's art journal page is pushing my "no mistakes" rule. I kept adding and adding things trying to fix what I did and I never quite made it out looking any better:
Think it looks like I didn't do that much to it? First I cut up a bunch of images from the Steampunk Debutante line from Graphic 45 and glued them onto the page. Then i decided to white wash it with watered down gesso. Then I didn't like that so I glimmer misted it. Then I tried stamping a butterfly on the background... but only half the image stamped so I tried to cut a piece of fabric to cover it but that didn't work out. Then I decided to paint over the whole thing with gel medium (also because I hadn't completely glued all the edges down). Then I inked over it with distress ink. Then I stamped butterfly images on book text, glimmer misted them then glued them down (to cover up the butterfly stamped image that didn't come out). And this is what I ended up with.... I'm not sure what I learned...except for a lot of "what not to do"... which I guess is good....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Creativity Project Day 22

In preparation for Saturday's class kickoff I've been making business cards - simple stamped images on kraft cardstock:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Creativity Project Day 21

Two posts in a day? I'm shocked aren't you? Honestly I was thinking that since the last post took me almost 2 hours to come up with that it should totally count as doing something creative. But I've been really good about making stuff so far so I didn't want to mess that up. So here is another page for my art journal:
I used the new Graphic 45 Steampunk Debutante line which I LOVE (LOVE LOVE ...LOVE LOVE LOVE).

What can you do with an ATC?

As the Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) teacher at Memories Galore in Richmond, I get this question all the time. So to help all you newbies to ATCs, here is a little about what they are and what you can do with them.

First of all ATCs are 3.5 x 2.5 small works of art often times traded during swaps (usually a swap has a theme - for example Christmas - then each person makes a card for each person in the swap - so if there are 12 people participating each participant makes 12 of the same Christmas theme card and then swaps them with everyone else - leaving them with 12 different cards). In my Year of ATCs classes we make 4 cards a month with a theme I choose, then instead of trading them we keep them for ourselves. My classes are much more focused on learning new techniques and making little works of art to keep for yourself or give away as you choose.

So I'm sure you are thinking, "Ok I get it they are cute.. but what can I do with them??"

1. You can save them and store them in an album - they are the same size as baseball cards so many of my students store them in an album with baseball card sleeves (found at local office supply store)2. If you like to send cards they make perfect greeting or note card embellishments (or gift tags!) Because they already have a sentiment usually all they need is a piece of patterned paper behind them to fill the card out: (ATCs used in this photo are sneak peeks of December's class)3. If layouts are more your thing they make great embellishments for your scrapbook layouts. Again because there is often a sentiment on the ATC you can even use it as title for your page. You could also make a pocket on your page and use the ATC as a journal spot.4. You can use them to make mini albums. They make great cover art (as seen in photo below) or you can punch a hole in the top corner, add a binder ring and add photos to the back of the cards.5. Since they are tiny works of art, why not frame them? They would make a great and inexpensive gift (perhaps for Christmas? Or a friend's birthday?).(ATC used in this photo is a sneak peek of October's class)
That is just a small sampling of what you can do with them - I'm sure you can come up with a bunch more fantastic and creative uses for ATCs! If you live in the Richmond area come to Memories Galore this Saturday 10am -noon at our Brandermill store or 1:30-3:30 at our West End store for Class Kickoff. Class Kickoff is an open house event where you can meet teachers and see the projects we have created for the next 4 months. If you sign up for any of the classes on that day you will get 10% off the class fee and earn customer loyalty rewards. I will have my Year of ATC class samples there for October - January. Year of ATC classes are held once a month (it is a series but each class is priced separately so you can take the classes you really like). Year of ATC classes are only taught at the West End and are $20 each ($18 at class kickoff!) . Hope to see you there!

If this is your first time to my blog - Welcome! I would love for you to become a follower of my blog or my facebook page!(see link on right side of my blog!)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Creativity Project Day 20

I made another art journal page today. And of course more glimmer mist and paint:

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Creativity Project Day 19

Another art journal page - I played around with those watercolor paints again. I bought a bunch of buttons at an antique store this weekend so I used those to make a heart then I glimmer misted the whole thing... I'm loving the glimmer mist lately

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Creativity Project Days 17 & 18

I didn't have time to blog yesterday, however I did manage to make something: I'm working on a travel journal so here is a peek at it: And today I did an art journal page with some water colors I bought today. I haven't used the watercolors in the tube before so I basically was just playing around with those. This week is going to be crazy with Class Kickoff at Memories Galore on Saturday! Hope to see you there!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Creativity Project Day 16

I spent all day working on something but it's nowhere near done. Here is part of it:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Creativity Project Day 15

YAY! I made it to the halfway point at my month of creativity. It is has been HARD! I have found myself at 10:00pm far too often thinking "Crap! I haven't made anything yet!!" But here is my post for the day:

I used a vintage bingo card (I found a vintage bingo game at an antique store a couple months ago for cheap! I was SUPER excited!). I glimmer misted it with a couple colors and added some stamps and stickers. Simple but I like it.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

Creativity Project Day 13

I was so loving those ATCs (artist trading cards) I made yesterday that I decided to make a larger version for my art journal today. So here you have it:

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Creativity Project Day 12

I was so busy making stuff today I almost forgot to post about it! I am loving the ATCs (artist trading cards) I've been working on for class kickoff. They are the most detailed of all my ATC classes so far! Stay tuned for more sneak peeks and hope to see you at class kickoff on September 25th!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Creativity Project Day 11

Well.... I didn't do anything yesterday. My mom says I can blame it on her...and that's good because I'm going to! My parents are newly retired and are in the "it's really fun and cool to just go places on the spur of the moment" So yesterday morning she calls and is like "Guess what we are coming to visit....Tonight!" Which is great...but that means I spent all of yesterday frantically cleaning. Does cleaning count as doing something creative? Dustin says yes as long as you do it creatively... like dusting with the cats... i thought that was a really good idea! Our cat Lucy is really fluffy like a swiffer duster and she's self cleaning - perfect! Only kidding... I did find time today to make something though. So here is the art journal page for today:

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Creativity Project Day 9

I have been finishing up classes for next quarter at Memories Galore. So tonight you are getting a sneak peek of December's ATC (artist trading cards) class. Wouldn't these make the cutest tags for Christmas gifts??

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Creativity Project Day 8

I am cutting it close yet again! It's rough finding time to do something every day. Today's art journal page was inspired by Alisa Burke's work - she does these amazing doodly (is that a word? yeah I think so..haha) art works that I have been wishing I could do. So I was "inspired" by her and this post in particular in making this page:I'm actually kinda liking it... and shocking thing is I didn't do it in pencil first! I took a chance got the sharpie out and started drawing. You might even see the doodly (see there's that word again.. if you use it more than once it makes it legit) flowers in other projects and on future scrapbook pages.

I made the page out of grunge paper. I inked it first with red and blue distress ink.. then i thought "whoa this is getting too patriotic for me" So what was the next logical step? Painting it over with white.... yeah white... which then I realized made it even MORE patriotic. But it dulled the color down, and I inked over it with vintage photo to dull it down even more. Then I used a sharpie and started drawing! Hopefully tomorrow's post will come earlier in the day!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Creativity Project Day 7

I didn't make an art journal page today. I have been working on something with the new Basic Grey Pyrus collection though. Its not quite finished so I don't want to post too much just yet but here is a little peek. (and also it proves I did do something today!)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Creativity Project Day 6

A little bit of acrylic paint, distress ink, glimmer mist, crackle paint and here is the page for day 6:

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Creativity Project Day 5

It's barely still day 5 but here is my page for the day. It's a tattered angels tag sprayed with glimmer mist, painted with glimmer glaze and inked with distress ink. Add magic mesh, fabric, and a stamp and its done!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Creativity Project Day 4

Dustin and I got up really early this morning (7am - I know I know - but it's early for ME) to go to the South of the James Market. Which by the way, I LOVE! We came out with a bag of stuff and these gorgeous sunflowers:I really wanted my post for today to just be photos - I thought I would go and take photos of all the cool vendors and the great produce for sale. But I have a fear of taking photos in front of people so that didn't happen today. Maybe next Saturday! So instead I came home and used the sunflowers as inspiration for a page in my art journal. I was thinking "Hey I can sketch a sunflower and then watercolor it!" Well... I haven't sketched anything in about 10 years so my drawing skills are a bit rusty... ok they are down right terrible... but no worries it was fun and I stayed committed to my page and painted it with distress inks (which make fantastic water colors - smudge the ink pad on your craft mat and spray with water = watercolor paints!) Then i was feeling ehh about it so I sprayed the whole thing with glimmer mist (because lets face it - everything is better with glimmer mist!). And the color I used with appropriately named "Sunflower". Some of the individual pages I've made so far are not my best work but I am really really liking how it's all coming together and seeing it as a part of a book/art journal. See the page there on the bottom of the picture? Oh yeah I'm definitely not showing you that close up! And yes I do really work in that mess... sad thing is that's my dining room table under there... the craft room is too messy to walk into... and well the living room coffee table looks about the same! I have an excuse... I'm in the middle of planning classes for next quarter at Memories Galore! Dustin's reading this and saying ...yeah right... those rooms ALWAYS look like that...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Creativity Project Day 3

I know you thought I forgot about it but I didn't! I didn't spend much time today and I was playing around with an idea for an ATC using canvas and crackle paint (if you have ever taken an ATC class of mine you know I LOVE those two things!). Then i just stuck at the bottom of a page and added some glimmer mist and stamps. I'm not loving it but it's more about playing around and trying new things then making 30 days worth of stuff I love.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Creativity Project Day 2

So I have been watching Donna Downey's Inspiration Wednesday Videos since whenever she started them. And every time I watch one I'm like "OH I want to make that!".... but...then I never do. So today I decided I would "Scrap lift" yesterday's inspiration Wednesday . I also decided I was only going to spend 30 minutes today working on page (after the 3 hours I spent yesterday...seriously... ) Considering Donna's video took 45 minutes... and I'm sure some of that was edited..this seemed like maybe a bad idea. But I didn't really plan to copy it exactly so I figured I would be ok. Anyways back to the page... with the timer running (but not literally) I go to my craft room searching for the UTEE to do the resist technique.... no luck couldn't find it.... I then realize that I don't even have embossing ink so that wasn't going to work anyways. And by this time 15 minutes had passed. So scrapped that plan and used vintage photo distress ink and white embossing powder and made it work. I then used my watercolor crayons (the same ones Donna Downey uses...because surprise surprise I discovered them on her site... and they are fantastic! Haven't found a place locally to buy them though...) and this is the page I came up with: It took me 50 min. (which is not bad compared to 3 hours!)

Day 2 : Check

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Creativity Project Day 1

So here it is day 1 and I have a page done and blog post up! YAY me! I will admit it almost didn't happen... I spent much of the morning working on stuff and finally came up with this:
It's very Donna Downey inspired with all the "drippage" I wanted a quote about beginnings or starting something since it was the first day of my project. But I couldn't get this Dave Matthews Band song "Die Trying" out of my head. It's one of my favorite songs and every time I hear it it reminds me of my AmeriCorps VISTA days. And I know that Dustin is sitting at his desk right now cringing at the thought of Dave Matthews Band (he hates them - I don't understand it - you know what he hates more - that new song - the "pretend airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars" song - yeah he really hates that - and now its in his head! ha!) Ok wow went I little off track there... could probably just hit the backspace button...but not going to do it...

So there you have it - Day 1 - Success!