Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Creativity Project Day 8

I am cutting it close yet again! It's rough finding time to do something every day. Today's art journal page was inspired by Alisa Burke's work - she does these amazing doodly (is that a word? yeah I think so..haha) art works that I have been wishing I could do. So I was "inspired" by her and this post in particular in making this page:I'm actually kinda liking it... and shocking thing is I didn't do it in pencil first! I took a chance got the sharpie out and started drawing. You might even see the doodly (see there's that word again.. if you use it more than once it makes it legit) flowers in other projects and on future scrapbook pages.

I made the page out of grunge paper. I inked it first with red and blue distress ink.. then i thought "whoa this is getting too patriotic for me" So what was the next logical step? Painting it over with white.... yeah white... which then I realized made it even MORE patriotic. But it dulled the color down, and I inked over it with vintage photo to dull it down even more. Then I used a sharpie and started drawing! Hopefully tomorrow's post will come earlier in the day!

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