Saturday, September 11, 2010

Creativity Project Day 11

Well.... I didn't do anything yesterday. My mom says I can blame it on her...and that's good because I'm going to! My parents are newly retired and are in the "it's really fun and cool to just go places on the spur of the moment" So yesterday morning she calls and is like "Guess what we are coming to visit....Tonight!" Which is great...but that means I spent all of yesterday frantically cleaning. Does cleaning count as doing something creative? Dustin says yes as long as you do it creatively... like dusting with the cats... i thought that was a really good idea! Our cat Lucy is really fluffy like a swiffer duster and she's self cleaning - perfect! Only kidding... I did find time today to make something though. So here is the art journal page for today:

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Anonymous said...

Very nice!! Love the flowers!!!!