Thursday, September 2, 2010

Creativity Project Day 2

So I have been watching Donna Downey's Inspiration Wednesday Videos since whenever she started them. And every time I watch one I'm like "OH I want to make that!".... but...then I never do. So today I decided I would "Scrap lift" yesterday's inspiration Wednesday . I also decided I was only going to spend 30 minutes today working on page (after the 3 hours I spent yesterday...seriously... ) Considering Donna's video took 45 minutes... and I'm sure some of that was edited..this seemed like maybe a bad idea. But I didn't really plan to copy it exactly so I figured I would be ok. Anyways back to the page... with the timer running (but not literally) I go to my craft room searching for the UTEE to do the resist technique.... no luck couldn't find it.... I then realize that I don't even have embossing ink so that wasn't going to work anyways. And by this time 15 minutes had passed. So scrapped that plan and used vintage photo distress ink and white embossing powder and made it work. I then used my watercolor crayons (the same ones Donna Downey uses...because surprise surprise I discovered them on her site... and they are fantastic! Haven't found a place locally to buy them though...) and this is the page I came up with: It took me 50 min. (which is not bad compared to 3 hours!)

Day 2 : Check

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