Friday, August 9, 2013

What I'm Working On

At just about 6 weeks I'm starting to find a little bit of "free time".  Who would have thought it you put the baby down in their crib to nap they actually sleep and you have your hands free to do other stuff!  Today I started pulling some stuff together from the craft room to start working on some sort of Project Life/Baby Book hybrid project. So here is what is on my "work table" (and by work table I mean coffee table because my actual "work table" is a mess with Etsy stuff):

1.  A journal for writing down letters to Anna, stories, and notes of what we are doing during the day.  Hopefully to then transfer into a baby scrapbook.
2.  A huge stack of Studio Calico monthly project life kits.  I love these kits but haven't used any of them!  I am thinking of starting Project Life now (in the middle of the year) to document Anna's first year.
3.  A traditional baby book - you know just in case the Project Life thing doesn't pan out!
4.  The project life Baby Edition that I bought back in January and haven't started on!
5.  Project Life page protectors - so I can try to organize and plan out where my photos will go before I print them (so I don't end up printing all 700 photos I took last month and just print the ones I want to use in the book!)
6.  A baby monitor so I can hear when Anna wakes up.  Shhhhhhhhh......

And here is a cute picture we took last week of Anna (and Dustin) at 5 weeks old: