Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone! In honor of this super fun holiday here are some super fun pictures of me and all my different costumes growing up:
Me in 1984 - with my doll Cindy (named after Cindy Lauper of course!) - it looks like Cindy got a little too close to that electrical outlet - FYI Cindy's hair was always like that - it wasn't a halloween costume!!

Me as a clown in 1986 - the first of many halloweens spent as a clown - love the glasses though - they look a lot like the ones I currently wear

Me in 1987 - She Ra Princess of Power!!!
Me in 1992 as a witch

Me, my sister Danielle, and my best friend Carey in 1993 - I told you a clown costume would pop up again - I'm pretty sure I wore that costume for several years. - My mom used to make our costumes - notice how Danielle's costume is way cuter and has a matching bag ... hmm... and her makeup is way cuter too... nice mom ....nice

Me as Raggedy Ann in 1995 and Danielle as Snow White. This was my last year trick or treating ( I was 12).

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Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

Your costumes crack me up! serious black mail material there! lol and yes, those glasses kind of do resemble the ones your currently wear.... jk