Monday, November 28, 2011

2012 Pocket Calendar Planner - Easy Christmas Gift Tutorial

Now that Thanksgiving is over I know we are all starting to think about (and if you are like me - stress about) Christmas gifts for everyone on our list.  Personalizing a 2012 calendar planner makes a perfect gift for those tough to shop for friends - coworkers, teachers, extended family.  It's also a great craft for children or teens to make to give their friends! And best of all it is cheap and super easy and quick to make! 

2012 Planner Tutorial:
First you want to start with a cheap planner - I got mine from the dollar tree.  Make sure that the cover is removable.
 Remove the cover from the planner and measure it.  Cut paper so that it is exact size for the height of the book and about 2 inches (give or take) longer than the width.  In my case I left the paper at 12" across (this gave it close to 1 in on each side).  Discard the plastic cover and glue the patterned paper to the outside of the planner making sure to leave about an inch hanging off of each side.  Fold the hang over piece and adhere it to the inside of the planner. Measure and cut a piece to cover the inside cover (back and front) - adhere.
 Cut a piece that is the same height and about 2-3 inches wide.  Fold in half and adhere to the spine of the book.  Embellish with a funky border and a title.  I also embellished the inside title page with 2012 stickers. 
And there you have it - a cheap and easy handmade gift for the holidays!  Last year I did something similar with a pocket calendar - to see that project click here.



Donna K said...

What a fun way to bring in the New Year! Thank you for the tutorial, Melissa!

laurie said...

what a great idea! i love how unique you can make each of these - just perfect for friends. thanks for the tutorial.

Maryjean said...

Thank you so much, I love your ideas. I plan to personalize the planners for friends at work.

Kara said...
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Christina said...

I made these tonight! I'm so excited. I just started with the paper, but now I'm going to go buy some embellishments. They are super cute and soooo cheap to make! :)

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