Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Slightly Late Christmas Gift....

Last Christmas (like many Christmases before it) I had this great idea that I would make gifts for everyone. And for once I actually did follow through and make the gifts.... sending them.... that's a different story... You see I have this weird phobia of the post office...ok it's not really a phobia.. just every time I think of going there I think of the huge line I'll have to stand in and then I say "ehh I'll go tomorrow" (so I guess that would qualify less as a phobia and more as laziness??)...anyways this long story all leads back to today's post - a chipboard album I made for my inlaws for Christmas with photos of our trip to Rhode Island last September. I made the album in early December (in plenty of time to send it) and from the photos (and the lack of snow in them) you can probably tell that I didn't actually send it. But we are going to visit them soon so I figured better late than never! And now I get a blog post out of it and you get to see the pictures! So win win for everyone. Right??? Right!

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