Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Week of Dollar Store Crafts - Notebook

It's day 3 of my week of dollar store crafts and today I am going with something pretty simple. I know this has been done before (my mom made my sister and I a bunch of these for Christmas) but I think its such a cute and fast project that it was worth including. These make great gifts or would be great project to add some personality to your child's notebooks before the first day of school!
Tutorial (click on the photo to enlarge):
1. Starting with a composition notebook from the dollar store (these can be readily found at walmart, target, and office supply stores as well) measure the front cover. I decided to leave the spine exposed for this project so I measured from the edge to the beginning of the spine. Cut patterned paper to that size.
2. Adhere paper to the front and back. I used a combination of scor tape and UHUstic. Trim off any excess hanging over the edge.
3. Measure the length of the book and mark it halfway and 1/2" in from the side. Do this on both the front and back.
4. Punch a hole in the marked spot on the front and back and set an eyelet. Tie the ribbon in the back eyelet (as shown in photo below). Pull one piece of ribbon through the front and tie a bow.
5. Embellish the front as desired! I also inked the whole thing with Rusty Hinge distress ink (apparently my newest favorite color)I hope you are enjoying my week of Dollar Store crafts! If this is your first time at my blog - Welcome! I would love for you to become a follower of my blog or facebook page! (see link on right side of my blog!) And be sure to check out my etsy shop here.


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Mary Pat Siehl said...

very very cute!

Tania said...

just started following today - I love your ideas! ;-)

dizzytina said...

This is really sweet. I made some recently over on my blog although i think yours is alot better tina x x

Jenny said...

I love these and make them all the time. My daughter gives them as birthday presents to her friends with a cute flower topped pen.

Terry said...

I've been watching what you're making and everything is very, very cute!

TheLastOfNine said...

Love all the colors and the layers you used.

Anonymous said...

This is a perfect craft my my youth group. I've just asked them all to get these composition books. We're calling them our "everything books" to write...well, everything! This embellishment is PERFECT! Thanks so much for sharing :)

papertrails leaver said...

this is awesome Melissa! Love seeing your creations! :-) Amy

{northern cottage} said...

ohh super cut - I love how you stapled the butterflies on - ouch! I made somewhat similar notebooks awhile back and love yours!

Anonymous said...

Love this! I love to journal and this would be great! If you have time. please visit my blog I'm a newbie and would love the support. Thanks!


Emmy said...

Absolutely wonderful. Does the UHU make it stick to the shiny surface of the composition notebook? I love your idea! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Lovely and cute idea of creativity. Thank you so much for the thought, I am really trying out something with my daughter for creative gifts to her friends.
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