Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Great Vintage Find

I checked out a new (new to me) antique store this weekend and I found this:

I was beyond excited!! And it didn't have a price tag on it so when I asked for a price I got a great deal - which I am pretty sure was due to the fact that I look 12! This looking young really works in situations like this - if you look 12 then clearly you are poor which means you get awesome cameras like this for cheap.  Oh and I bought this because it has a large viewfinder and I can take "through the viewfinder" (ttv) photos.  - which is totally a real thing.  Check out this post by Pink Couch - it's why I was on the hunt for one of these cameras!



Unknown said...

How exciting!! I have been wanting one since seeing Tara's cool photos on her blog.
I would love to run across one someday.

Mary Pat Siehl said...

i love old cameras. i have 2 that i inherited from from my grandfather

Robin Walston said...

I used a camera like that on my first job as a newspaper reporter back in 1975.