Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Fun

So I was thinking about the blog today - and I thought "ehh... I won't blog today - I have blogged plenty I can miss a day" except that I then checked the blog and realized OOPS! I haven't blogged that much.  So where have I been??  Well here.... mostly working on the etsy shop which has taken off in a big way.  I'm in month 6 of the shop and almost at 500 sales (499).  It's going so well I plan on celebrating with a giveaway soon (maybe next week?).
      Last week I spent a lot of time in the studio trying to get that all organized and cleaned.  I have a cool project to post tomorrow.  The cleaning is taking a lot longer than  I thought.  I mean I know I said it would take all summer but I also kinda thought I could just go up there in a day and do it if I really wanted to.  But it's taking a while... mostly because I really want it to be perfect.  And because the studio is in limbo I haven't felt like making anything.  I don't want to pull stuff out only to have to put it back and I don't have space to create.  I'm looking forward to having it clean and then I can get back to creating and regular posting.
     And then there's family time - I spent 4th of July weekend down in North Carolina with my parents and sister and of course my nephew Jarmon.  He thinks his uncle Dustin is the best thing ever.  If I walk into a room he kinda half smiles and looks around (looking for Dustin).  If Dustin walks into a room he get super excited - jumping up and down (the same reaction he has when he gets a balloon).  So Aunt Melissa = Ehh.  Uncle Dustin = the best thing since balloons.  It's kinda sad.  haha
     So that's where I have been - hopefully soon I will be around more -  but I will definitly be back tomorrow - see you then



donna!ee said...

you're so funny & uplifting... thank you for sharing! :) said...

Always got room for "summer fun"!
It is the quality of life that matters :]
Take care... and enjoy <3

laurie said...

so glad your etsy shop is doing well! i have only done about a tenth of the things on my "to do" list for summer - it is just too easy to go with the moment and enjoy!