Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Studio Makeover Week 4

Two steps forward.. two steps back

(we come together 'cuz opposites attract!) - sorry for the Paula Abdul tangent...

So good news and bad news - good news my sister came to visit so I cleaned the entire house.  Bad news - my sister came to visit so I threw all of my craft supplies back in the studio (unorganized).  

But more good news - etsy supplies are all organized (and stacked in the dining room):
And if you didn't catch it last week I still have a few chipboard grab bags left here 



Gail said...

Hi Melissa. . . your top pictures are so funny to me, cause my craft room looks the same way ~ LOL!

I've been getting so frustrated with everything and missing the crafting time i just pushed everything aside today and made a card ;o)

Wish you all the best on your makeover!

banclothing said...

My sewing room used to be awful... now I have to keep it very clean because I always have people coming and going... it's too embarassing to have a mess. I also refuse to buy anything because I have no where to store it.

aprilmariecole.blogspot.com said...

It is all coming together... hip, hip... hooray! :]

Bonita Rose said...

My Studio sooo needs a makeover too... it's crazy in there... wanna come over to Fargo and help me with mine? LOL
Yours looks fabulous!
Thks again for everything! hugs xo

Donna K said...

Love this post because I can SO relate...company arrives...stuff gets piled into the studio closet! Isn't worth it though, especially when it's a visit from your sister!

Thanks for sharing...your blog makes me smile!