Thursday, October 13, 2011

Week of Halloween Tags - Day 4

 Today's tag is my favorite!  I used an antique tintype photo (because I think they look creepy and perfect for Halloween!).  Just a little background on tintype photography: it was invented in the 1850s and continued to be popular through the late 1800s. These photographs were produced on a thin metallic sheet of coated iron (not tin!) and were cheap, quick, and easy to produce so they were typically used by street photographers or in carnivals and fairs. I love using them in my projects (and sometimes they come with a super cute embossed frame!).

Tintype Halloween Tag Tutorial:
1.  Find a tintype photograph to use or an old vintage photo (I was really lucky because they one I found had a creepy black shadow or smudge over the person's face.
2. Separate the tintype from the frame - save the frame for a later project
3. Find a Halloween paper with a frame printed - cut the center out and ink the rough edges to make them less noticeable.  (I used Pink Paislee Halloween papers).  Adhere the tintype behind the frame.
4.  Embellish with ink, rhinestones, and a rubon.

And guess what? I have a bunch of tintype photos in my shop.  You can check them out in the photograph section of my shop here.



Donna K said...

Awesome tag, Melissa! Kinda creepy but oh so cool!

Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Oh Melissa! This is wonderfully creepy and elegant at the same time!

D Q said...

I like it-it's a bit spooky.