Thursday, June 25, 2009

Missing South Dakota...

This week marks one year since we moved to Virginia. And while VA is growing on me, I can’t help but miss South Dakota a little bit (along with the stable full-time job I left). In honor of the state we left behind I am reposting a collection of things I learned in my first few months of living in South Dakota (originally posted on myspace):

Things I have Learned In South Dakota:

1. -12 doesn't feel much colder than 0 but 20 degrees is now grounds for saying the phrase "It's nice out today"

2. Despite how crunchy and fun the ice appears... it is NOT a good idea to step on it.

3. If you wait until the day of a Holiday (for instance Valentine's day) and attempt to go out and buy a gift during your lunch break you WILL run into your significant other... because Lewis Pharmacy is the only store in town

4. Not only do you have to know where all the current buildings in the town are you also have to know what buildings used to be. Directions are often given by saying " It's in the old ______ building" (I work in the Old Foundation Building).

For example: My supervisor and I were going to the Campus Surplus Sale which was in the Poultry Research Facility. We drove around in the country for quite some time before finally pulling over at the Swine Research Facility which was of course a road up from the Sheep Research Facility (there is a lof of research going on here at SDSU) Anyways she went into the building to ask for directions:

Supervisor: Can you give me directions to Poultry Research

Swine Researcher: Uhh there is no Poultry Research

Supervisor: Umm ok do you know where Campus Surplus is?

Swine Researcher: Oh yeah its in the Old Poultry Research building

5. You can leave your car running while you are in the store. Seriously! People leave their cars running all the time. Because its cold! I don't though because I'm still the person who locks their car doors while driving 75 on the highway... you know just in case some mad man (who can run really really fast) comes running at my car trying to get in.... yeah I don't trust people (thanks mom and dad for teaching me people are bad!)

6. People talk funny here... yeah yeah I know what you are thinking "Melissa it's called an accent. People have them all over the country. None are better than the other, they are just different" Well no... my way of talking is better ... South Dakotans just pronounce things the wrong way like for example they pronounce "bag" as "beg" and "flag" as "fleg" and they can't even get their own state capital's name right... it's "Pierre" it should be pronounced like the French name that it is... like the the Frenchman's name you named the city after... but no they pronounce it "peer"

7. Oh yeah... and it’s called SODA not pop!

8.Who needs Walmart when you have Hy-vee! Hy-vee is a grocery store/bank/pharmacy/drycleaners/starbucks/restaraunt. It's the world's best grocery store... and I love it!

9. Food comes in two taste levels: Bland and Blander...seriously would it kill them to use a little spice in their food once in a while

10. On Thursdays you can get Liver and Onions for $5 at the Pheasant Lounge..... mmm tasty (yeah that was sarcasm for those of you who didn't catch that)

11. Its super windy... and apparently the wind blows in both directions all the time. For example I ride my bike in one direction and its against the wind.. its hard but I think "hey at least it'll be easier on the way back" except it won't because the wind will be blowing in your face that direction too.... seriously

I miss you South Dakota!!

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