Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jump Around, Jump Around, Jump Up and Get Down...

So as you can see I like to make Dustin jump so I can take pictures of it. Actually in all fairness he starts it. See little fake scenario below. Actually it sounds exactly like what happens EVERY time.

Scene: Somewhere out in nature. Melissa is taking pictures of a tree, leaf, or some random pile of dirt . Dustin out of nowhere runs by and randomly jumps off a tree stump or something.

Dustin: OWW! That hurt!
Melissa: Hey! I didn't get a photo of that go back and do it again!
Dustin: No it hurt
Melissa: But I want a photo. It probably won't hurt the second time (giant smile)
Dustin: no
Melissa: PLEASE!!!!
Dustin: Fine

And one of me. Not nearly as dramatic... Actually I probably jumped way WAY higher, but Dustin was taking the picture.... jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, (Can I help it if these photos make me think of House of Pain?)

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