Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our Road Trip Adventures...

Ok, so I know I have been gone for a while. I had every intention of coming back from my vacation last week ready to post about our adventures and the travel journal I spent so much time working on. But then I had to get stuff ready for classes I will be teaching and I got busy with that and work that when I did have a free moment I didn’t want to even think about scrapbooking or blogging or really doing anything other than sitting on the couch watching tv… but now I’m back!

Here are the highlights of our Road Trip:

1. Seeing Much Ado About Nothing at the Blackfriars Playhouse in Staunton VA. It was the best play I’ve seen there so far. We deliberately sat in the second row so that the actors wouldn’t talk to us…. Which was good in theory… what I didn’t account for was that it was a weekday therefore not sold out and noone sat in front of us….

2. This conversation:
(we were jotting down things that happened on Day 1 so that we could remember them to write in our journals later and feeling the need to come up with an excuse for our poor memories)

Danielle: “I have short term memory loss due to being pregnant”
Me” “Yeah well I was in an accident so that is my excuse”
Mom: “What’s my excuse?”
Danielle: “You’re old!”

3. Being left alone in a cave and screaming as a bat flew around us (ok not really “around” us… but in the general area… sorta)


5. Daniellle’s golf cart driving skills and acting as tour guide at the Frontier Culture Museum

6. Going to cute little movie theaters and seeing Julie & Julia and 500 Days of Summer. Even if the lady in front of me at Julie & Julia rocked over my foot and the entire theater clapped at the end of the movie.

7. Danielle getting in a fight with an elk over a bucket of food at the Virginia Safari Park. Danielle yelling “ Give me back my bucket” (playing tug of war and ultimately jerking bucket out of the elk’s mouth). Me yelling “ Go Go GO!) Danielle won. Don’t mess with her!

8. Great food in Asheville.

9. Telling people “She’s not bloated, she’s pregnant!” (in reference to Danielle)

10. Shopping in downtown Asheville and checking out all the cool local art that I want to go back and buy… just as soon as I have a house to put it all in.

11. Collecting charms, postcards, stickers, and pamphlets along the way and filling our travel journals each night.
Speaking of which here are some photos of my finished travel journal. I loved the way it turned out and I will most likely do this again. I am also glad that I took the time to fill it out daily instead of relying on my memory because it would have never gotten done and I would have forgotten everything that happened. I have some great ideas for more mini books I want to make in the same general style. More about that later...

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