Saturday, August 1, 2009

Travel Journals

The travel journals are for the most part done. So YAY for that!! Here are some pictures
They ended up far bigger than I expected. The inside of the covers have a little pocket for storing things. The inside is made up of divider pages for each day (see pink sheet on the right below) The backside of the dividers have a pocket as well. Behind each divider is two white sheets for writing stories and one patterned paper for adding pictures (not shown) They ended up a little thick but the pages are easily taken out. I plan on picking up things along the trip like postcards, pamphlets, and tickets and including them in the journal each day. I also want to spend a couple of minutes a day to write in things we did that day and any funny stories, I also plan on having Danielle or mom include little bits of journaling in the book too (in addition to filling out their individual books)
So there they are. I will post more pictures in a couple of weeks once they are all full!!