Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thrifty Thursdays - One Sheet Wonder

Ask and you shall receive!  Just as I was thinking last night that I had NO ideas for Thrifty Thursday (I am a procrastinator - I ALWAYS wait until the last minute) - I received an email from Paige asking if I would do a tutorial for a mini album I posted on my blog in July 2009 (click to see more photos - including photos of the inside).  It was total luck because I already had photos for this because I taught it as a class (it was my first class ever!) and it is perfect for thrifty Thursday because the base of the mini is made from a single sheet of 12x12 paper!

Tutorial (please excuse the pumpkin paper - it was fall when I originally wrote the tutorial) Note: It's probably best to read through all the instructions first before starting - this book is easy to make once you get the hang of it - you might mess it up the first couple of times though! - I did!)
Step 1: Start with a 12x12 sheet of paper and cut it in half so that you have two 12x6 pieces.  Step 2: Put your paper in the trimmer and SCORE (not cut!!!) at 4" and 8" so that you have broken up the paper into 3 equal parts - do this for both pieces. Step 3: Bend the paper at the creases and lay one on top of the other with the patterns facing up.  Adhere the far left panels to each other by using a thin strip of tape at the top and bottom from outside edge to crease (this is very important - don't put glue anywhere else!).  This piece becomes the middle of your book.  Step 4: Fold the far right panel behind the middle right panel to create a pocket.  Punch a half circle at the top.  Adhere the open side to create a pocket. 
 Step 5: Bend the far left panel over the top of the left middle panel.  Bend the panel down to create a pocket.  Secure with brad.  Adhere the right side down to create pocket.  Step 6: Put the middle panel into the trimmer and trim it in half - at 3" - be careful not to cut past the crease! (I usually stop short and finish with scissors). Step 7: This is what the book should look like now.  Step 8: Punch half circles in the middle panel. 
 Step 9: Adhere the open sides down to create pockets (make sure to leave opening open!).  Step 10: Cut a coordinating strip of paper 2 x6".  Fold in half. Step 11: Adhere to the spine of the book.  Step 12: Embellish - Add pages in the inside pockets.

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Mary Pat Siehl said...

so cute- great tutorial

papertrails leaver said...

so love love love this! I am going to be making one very soon! Too cute!

Jasmine said...

This is great! Such a cool idea!

DebWoo said...

Thank you for posting this project. I fell in love with it instantly and just finished that last of 15 of them. I may use them as birthday cards, thanks for the inspiration. Deb in Vancouver BC

liveforsmiles75 said...

hi! i really like this idea but im a little confused on how to put it together. could you possibly make a video?