Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Clever Apple Etsy Shop

If you have been following my summer studio makeover you probably know two things:
1.  I have been making very SLOW progress and...
2.  At about week 2 I started buying a bunch of art off of Etsy to put in the studio (that's right I was buying more stuff to put in before I ever even started taking stuff out!)

So today I wanted to share with you my favorite piece and where it came from!  A couple months ago I stumbled upon this:
Now if you are a Pride and Prejudice fan you will understand just how fantastic this piece is!  Right?  Well I bookmarked (or in Etsy terms "favorited" it knowing I would come back for it someday and when I started to plan out my studio it was one of the first things I bought!) And that's how I met Megan.  I loved the piece so much I wanted to share her shop with you!  I asked Megan to write a little about herself for my blog:

Hello! My name is Megan Wolfe.  I am an Army wife suffering for my country in Hawaii with my husband, 2 dogs and 2 cats.  Try not to feel too sorry for me :o) I quit my job last year to become a full time homemaker and was thrilled to finally have time for a hobby.  I now run the one woman show known as Clever Apple.  I sell hand embroidered pieces of hoop art.  I started my shop as a way for me to fund my embroidery hobby.  It also gives me an excuse to practice my love for packaging things. I have been so amazed by the interest shown in my shop (such as this blog feature!) and that people actually like and buy my pieces.  I also really love that I get to meet so many other awesome crafters like Melissa!

Now if you are thinking - that Darcy piece is lovely but I'm not really a Pride and Prejudice fan - well first - WHAT?!?!?!? and second - that's ok ( I guess haha!) she makes lots of other fabulous pieces including:
So run don't walk to Megan's Clever Apple Etsy Shop right away! (ok it's the internet so don't run just click here ) And an important side note - she does custom orders! She altered her Mr Darcy piece in the colors I wanted which was fantastic!

And also check out her recent studio makeover (though her makeover was due to moving into a new house - where mine is due to being terribly messy and disorganized!)
Thanks Megan for  letting me feature your lovely shop and for supplying the photos!

Disclosure: this is NOT a sponsored post - in fact I never receive free stuff for my blog.  I wrote this post because I have purchased from this shop and genuinely think it is fantastic - so fantastic I wanted to tell you!  Please take the time to check it out!

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Donna K said...

Lovely post! I've been peeking at Clever Apple too since you * favorited * several of her items.