Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Uncle Dustin Layout

 Here is another layout I made last weekend while "locked" in my craft room!  I have been trying to work on ways to include multiple photos in one layout so that I don't end up with entire books from one day/event/weekend.  (I take A LOT of pictures!).  This layout is about my nephew - Jarmon.  We were at my Dad's autocross event last month and my dad asked my husband if Dustin wanted to ride in the car with him.  When Jarmon realized Uncle Dustin had left he got really upset (we joked that he was worried that it wasn't safe for Uncle Dustin to be riding with "Pop Pop".)  Jarmon loves his Uncle Dustin - I can barely get him to pay attention to me let alone be upset when I'm not around. (and yes maybe I am a little bit jealous....)

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