Monday, October 17, 2011

Mummy Inspiration

Have I told you how much I love Pinterest?  Yes?  Ok well how about lately?  haha.  I LOVE Pinterest - its a great place to find inspiration (and so easy too!).  Last week I noticed a lot of people were "pinning" my Mummy Tag so I wanted to see what other great Mummy crafts were out there.  Here is a few I found on Pinterest:
I have a lot more inspiration in my Pinterest board "Mummy" here.  You can follow my on Pinterest here.  Also a little note - these are great projects - if you do decide to "pin" them please go to their original site to do so or "repin" from my board - that way when someone clicks on your pin it goes to the original poster and not to me!  I am a big fan of credit!

1 comment: said...

Love it! Very creative...
Iam mummified (heheeheee)
Thanks for sharing, brought smiles to my day! :]