Sunday, August 30, 2009

Why I blog...

On Friday night my husband and I were having dinner and of course I was telling him all the things I needed to get done that night before Saturday’s class kick off:

Me:” And I need to do blah blah blah and blah and I need to write a blog”
Dustin: “ You NEED to write a blog??? I don’t think you need to write a blog”
Me: “Yes I NEED to write a blog! I am going to hand out those cards I made at the kick off and I want my classes to be on my blog. “
Dustin: “ Ok that makes sense….. I see what this is about…. You are only teaching classes to get people to read your blog”
Me: “So what… I really want people to read my blog!”

Ok so that isn’t totally true… I am not ONLY teaching classes to get people to read my blog. And I can’t really even tell you why it is that I really want people to read it…. It’s not like I think I am any more interesting then anyone else or that my projects are any better. It’s just that I have a HUGE list of blogs I read and I want to be on other people’s list of blogs that they read…

But really one of the main reasons I blog is because I saw somewhere once this great little album someone made on shutterfly or one of those photo sites where you can make the photo books and she had all the text and photos from a year of her blog in this book. I thought “HEY COOL!! That’s like a little digital scrapbook of sorts of her life for a year, I WANT ONE OF THOSE!!!”. So hence the reason I blog as often as I can… so I can make one of those books…. And oh yeah I’m dead serious!

So essentially I scrapbook so that I can blog about it so that I can make a scrapbook…. yeah maybe I’m a tad bit crazy….

In other news… I had the day off from work today so it was nice to just relax. Dustin and I had brunch at Weezies Kitchen in Carytown which FYI is like my FAVORITE place… even though I’ve only been there twice… and then we went to Maymont Park … we didn’t take that many pictures though because it was hot and there were lots of screaming kids… but here are a few oh and fyi squinting and talking and taking a picture don't really mix:


addicted2shopping said...

i thought it was so i would have something to read! :)

Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

love maymont. such a pretty place. and talk about photo ops!!

Cheryl said...

Between this post (I totally get the *need* to blog, as well as the conversation with Husband about it, lol) and your "about me" statement (I'm 30 and look like I'm 12), how can I not follow? :)