Monday, April 4, 2011

Easy Paper Flower Tutorial

Today I have an easy flower tutorial for you.  This would be perfect for dimensional scrapbook pages or cards or as a topper for a present.  Or as in the picture - on top of a bunch of old books missing their covers tied with string!

Tutorial (click on the picture to open in another window and see the steps larger)
1.  You will need a scallop circle punch.  I used two different sizes but just one will work also.  Punch some circles out of paper.  I used vintage dictionary paper but patterned paper or cardstock would work also.  The thinner the paper (like the dictionary paper) the more layers you will want.  For this flower I used 4 large and 2 small circles which made a small flower.  For the larger flower in the picture I used 6 large and 3 small circles.
2. Scrunch each of circles up.
3. Open all the circles and layer them on top of each other with the smaller ones on top.  Staple the bunch together (or use glue)

4. Starting with the top circle scrunch the circle up (this is difficult to explain but hopefully the pictures help!)
5. Keep scrunching each layer up one at a time
6. You should be left with something that looks like this
7. Gently fluff the top and push some of the layers down until you get a flower shape.

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Deborah said...

What a simple but beautiful flower! :) love it

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

TheLastOfNine said...

Super cute and super simple, love it!!

Cassie said...

What a fantastic idea!! I love the paper that you used with words on it for the top of books. Fabulous!! =)f

Elizabeth said...

cute and simple - my fave! I love the dictionary paper use!

Vickie said...

Wow! That is sooooo beautiful and so simple! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us! Blessings to you!

Cailan said...

I've been looking for a paper flower tutorial - this one looks great. thanks very much!

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

this is beautiful! i love how it looks on those books

PS: I'm doing a giveaway on my blog for $20 to my etsy shop, so if you like pretty jewelry you should come enter!!

curlyqmosaics said...

Such cute packaging! Very fun!

Stephanie said...

Time to break out some old books :)

Unknown said...

i am over from life made lovely.
these flowers are so great!
i also really like the name of your blog.
my creativity comes in bursts too!
sometimes nothing
then BAM an overwhelming amount of ideas....funny, huh?

Giulia Viggiani said...

Uh! I love paper flowers. I've a comic that i can use, yuppie!!!

Unknown said...

i already commented.
but then i tried them.
you are so right that they are SO easy!
hard to mess up!
i am linking to them on my sidebar for sure!
great great great idea!

Linda said...

Oh, I will be trying these! So great!

Anonymous said...

Great idea...simple and a good re-purpose!

Unknown said...

i love the simplicity of these!! Beautiful but simple :)

Rissa @ Hazel and Honeysuckle said...

Oh easy peasy and super cute - very nice!

Carissa B said...

These are awesome. They might make a funky cool wreath adornment, too.

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

I love these! Love them on top of the old books too -- so many uses -- thanks for sharing!

Marina said...

These are so cute! I want to make some! Thanks for the idea!

Delightful Order said...

this is so cute. would love for you to link it to my delightfully inspiring Thursday party.

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

i love that flower!! makes for perfect packagine.

Punky Prep said...

Love the simplicity of this.

Kelli said...

I love this! I have been saving some old books, and can't wait to try it on my holiday gifts! Thanks!