Thursday, December 1, 2011

25 Tags of Christmas

Happy December Everybody!!  I am so excited that it is Christmastime!!  Last year on the blog I celebrated with 25 days of projects. (you can see all the projects from last December here).  This year I'm changing that a bit to 25 days of Christmas tags!  Yep you heard that right - TWENTY FIVE days of Christmas tags!  Why just stop at one week or two weeks when you can do all 25 days!  And each day I will share something about how I made the tag - the inspiration, a technique, or a tutorial.  So lets get this started with Day 1:
Inspiration for Tag 1:  Has anyone else seen all of the Scrapbook layouts using layered banners going around Pinterest lately??  I absolutely love them and wanted to incorporate the same look into a tag.  I got the inspiration for this tag from this layout specifically (click here).  Think about how you can use elements you love in scrapbook layouts scaled down to put on a tag!
And I will be storing my tags in a vintage cheese box.  I have about half of them already made and will show you the box again when it is full and done!

So check back tomorrow for Tag #2!  And it looks like I am ONE google follower away from having 1000 followers!  I am super excited and grateful that y'all (said with a southern accent I don't have - despite growing up in NC) have stuck around with me! There will definitely be a giveaway once I reach the big number!! And I am a little over 100 away on Facebook from reaching 1000 and will do a giveaway there once I reach 1000 too!  So if you haven't already, follow me on one (or both) of them and lets have some giveaways!! 



Emily D. said...

I love this idea!! Great tag, and I absolutely LOVE how you are storing them!!! Too cute!!

Carol Swift said...

Love the tag and the box!

Susan said...

I love the tag and your box is gorgeous!! Can't wait to see the rest!!

Maryjean said...

Looking forward to seeing ever one. Thanks Melissa