Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Studio Makeover Week 7

Look what I found:
Two vintage (?) gumball machines.  I found them in this little place in Halifax North Carolina.  I felt like I was in that show American Pickers.  It had wall to wall stuff piled on top of each other - you had to climb and dig to find stuff.  They are going to look great in the studio - one filled with buttons, and the other I'm not so sure yet.  Also not sure where to put them - it seems like I am starting to bring in more stuff when I need to move stuff out!

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Mary said...

I love the idea of buttons in the bubblegum machine! CUTE! My husband is a fanatic over vintage gumball machines. We have one in the living room and he has it filled with rubber balls.
This place @ 1.5 hr drive ( and where he spent his early childhood) is were we go often. They have the neatest items.

Bonita Rose said...

love those machines!

janine said...

I love that show, American Pickers!! The gumball machines are super cool. What a great idea for buttons =)