Monday, January 23, 2012

My Etsy Room

If you are a facebook follower you know that this weekend I spent cleaning up my Etsy space.  I haven't ever shared it - and now its organized(ish) - I thought I would share where I "work".  I have a studio upstairs for all my crafty adventures but I needed a separate space (because that space barely holds all the paper I own let alone anything else!) and since I really like working in the living room (but didn't want to completely take over that space) I decided to move all my Etsy stuff to the next best thing - the dining room.  What started out as a few small boxes a year ago has exploded into this:
 I used the metal shelves you can get at Lowes for organizing your garage - and I didn't realize they came in white which I like to tell myself makes them less ugly and out of place!! haha! As you can see I have a TON of stuff - a year ago I literally maybe had 2-3 of those plastic containers worth of stuff and now it is never ending!  And to be honest this is the beginning of it - I have more in closets upstairs, stuff in containers under our bed - shelves of old books in my studio and more stuff in the living room - seriously never ending!!
 This side is for the stuff I do not have listed - in other words stuff i need to hurry up and list so it can find a good home!!  Also stuff I'm hoarding because I'm having a hard time parting with it! I wish I could say all of it was organized but it really isn't - most of those boxes are stuffed with all sorts of random stuff!
These boxes are great - I got them off of ebay and I think they are for storing comic books but they make it easier for me to store little bits and pieces of paper, milk caps, greeting cards, stamps, tickets, photos, and much more!
And the other side is for all the items I have listed (and my postcards).  I learned early on to have a separate and very organized spot for items that are in the shop and ready to be sold - makes the packing and shipping process a thousand times easier!
 And finally my postcards!!  I know in my shop I say I have about 5000 unlisted postcards but its more like 10,000 or so and at least that many in the shop - crazy!!   Well hope you enjoyed my little tour - its nothing terribly special but it's where a I work!

And I am trying to unload some of the excess so I can make room for more! Check out my clearance section in my shop here.  I already listed almost 2000 postcards and I plan to list more in the upcoming week at super cheap prices!


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Karen said...

Wow, look how clean that table is. :-)