Wednesday, January 11, 2012


So yesterday Claudine Helmuth posted on her facebook page this clip from the show Portlandia:

OH MY GOSH!  What?? That was seriously the funniest thing ever... I immediately went and watched all the other clips from the show (hey I don't have much else to do.... haha) then I went to on demand and found that there were a few episodes on that so I watched a few and now I'm hooked ... and also sad that I just learned about it! 

I seriously am way too easily addicted to new tv shows.  And now that there is dvr I feel like I can't just let something go as easily as before.  Once I watch a pilot I feel like I'm invested and I can't stop watching - I think its a sickness!  I am also really easily influenced by others so if someone says they think a show is awesome (even if I don't particularly respect there taste) I feel like I have to watch it too - this is why I have a whole season of Walking Dead saved on my dvr that I haven't watched yet but can't bring myself to delete! Please tell me I'm not alone?!?!?!

So what tv show can you not live without?  And yes I'm sure most of you will claim "not to watch a lot of tv" and maybe think of my obsessive tv watching as "sad" but I'm ok with that because tv makes me laugh and laughing is good!  haha!

And on another note... I seriously have the darkest house ever!?!?!?  Ummm maybe when you built this house you should have put a few more windows in or a skylight or cut down a few trees?? (gasp! That is a HUGE no no in this community - all about the trees and "natural landscaping" aka no grass) Its been kinda dark lately and rainy which kinda stinks when I have these great ideas for blog posts but I have to wait for a day when there is enough light to take photos - at least its winter - taking photos in the summer is impossible with all the leaves on the trees - then we seriously have no natural light in the house!!


Dana Tatar said...

I'll have to check out this show! I really love American Horror Story on FX. If you're into scifi it's worth a watch. On a side note, my house is also dark. Some days I feel like I'm living in a cave. Luckily I can go outside for some sun on most days. Happy scrappy new year!

Mindy said...

Oh my gosh! How is it that I have never heard of this before now? I just spent a hour on youtube checking out the clips. SO FUNNY. Thanks for sharing!

Deb Neerman said...

LOL, I too feel 'invested' if I watch a Pilot! I have a TiVo full of shows I don't watch but am too guilty to delete. So, if you're crazy ... you're not alone!

I LOVE Downton Abbey ... it's an English period piece and ... amazing! And it's not at all as boring as that sounds! LOL! It's beyond fabulous ... it's beyondulous!!!

Now I'm gonna have to start TiVo'ing Portlandia ...